Cricut Maker Review: It Cuts Everything…

Cut, Emboss and Score Draw and write Using a wide range of materials

This machine can cut, score, emboss and punch paper. That is to be expected with this type of machine. However, it can also cut vinyl, laminate, fabric, cardboard and felt, and draw with a special pen you put in the machine.

While Cricut Maker seems to do it all, it has some limitations. Let’s dive into what this crafting machine has to offer.

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The Maker works a little differently than the competition. You don’t scan the design that you want to crop. You upload images to your Cricut Design Space account, or you can choose from thousands of pre-made designs. I find this much easier than trying to find the right shape, print it out and then scan it into my cutter. With Maker, as soon as I have an idea, I can search for the right shape using DesignSpace online or through the app. Then I added it to my virtual canvas, adjusted it the way I wanted, and then sent the image to Maker for cropping.

Not too application
I’m excited to be able to use the Cricut app to find projects, fonts, and shapes to send to the Maker. I put the machine on my coffee table and started cutting different shapes for a holiday project while I watched television. I was very soon miserable, though.

The application is very messy and tends to crash while you create projects. A quick glance at the app reviews on the Android Play Store gives me the impression that I’m not the only one disappointed with the app.

After struggling for over an hour, I gave up and took my laptop. Online sites work great, and I was able to cut my projects in no time.


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While the app didn’t surprise me, Cricut Maker’s capabilities did. It’s easy to get started, thanks to the Cricut Design Space website’s step-by-step instructions and phishing-proof design. The site is completely intuitive and guides you through a project. It asks you what materials you use and suggests what kind of tools to load in the machine, so you get good results.

Speaking of results, the cuts are spectacular. The cuts the Maker makes on the fabric are very precise and leave no behind. The paper cuts are sharp and the vinyl creations are flawless.

The only material that I am very impressed with is wood. My project was left with some areas where werewolves cut all of it, although I used wood sold by Cricut specifically for the machine.

It draws:
If you’re like me, you’ve looked at the beautifully crafted crafts on Pinterest with perfect handwritten fonts, wishing to be able to write beautifully.

Well, the people at Cricut must have heard our silent wishes, because Producers can write whatever you like into your projects with a beautiful script. All you have to do is put a special pen in the Machine A slot, type what you want to say on the canvas project page, choose a font, and then set the line type to Painting.

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